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Patent Strategy is Managing IP’s new service that tracks and explains how companies in patent-focused businesses are filing, managing and litigating their patent portfolios.


As patent portfolios move beyond the concern of legal teams and into boardrooms, the role of advisor is changing too. Prosecutors and attorneys are providing more than purely technical advice on patent filing, licensing and litigation. They must now be aware of commercial currents, technological trends and individual client needs.


Managing IP’s Patent Strategy is the first service to explain how companies are really using their patent portfolio. Our team of experienced reporters speaks exclusively to in-house patent teams to uncover what’s keeping them awake at night.


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For law firms

Patent Strategy tracks and explains what your current and future clients want to achieve from their patent portfolios. We uncover how sector developments are driving activity and what companies are looking for from their outside counsel. Firms use our information to tailor their services and better serve patent-focused businesses’ portfolio, prosecution and litigation needs.

For in-house

Patent Strategy reveals how other businesses are saving costs, increasing revenues and overcoming sector challenges by better managing and leveraging their patent portfolios. Companies use Patent Strategy to benchmark their process against their peers and discover how to improve their patent portfolio and litigation strategy.

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